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What Others Say



 “Billie is one of the most genuine PR minds I know. She is a shining star! I'm so impressed with the attention to detail and amazing work. She helped us get in front of many major news media, and more opportunities continue to come in each week from her efforts. Billie is someone I can truly recommend to anyone looking for PR help as she is an extremely experienced professional that knows how to get results... period.”




Senior Colleague

 “Billie is a highly-skilled professional with a broad range of abilities, a vast network of contacts, and a creative solution-oriented mindset which means she can deliver high-quality work which goes beyond the expectations of clients. Smart, savvy, and sharp, she has great people skills, is able to generate new workable ideas and produce amazing results. She possesses fantastic communication and writing skills, and her ability to liaise with clients/media means she is one of the top media professionals in New Zealand. Her skills, experience, creativity and knowledge make her a valuable asset for any organisation.”





 “Billie Jordan is a special person. I saw her face near-impossible challenges when working on "The World's Oldest Flash Mob," and she triumphed with grace, dignity and a professionalism that far exceeds her youthful disposition. She is a dynamo. I hope to work with her on many future projects, and encourage anyone else listening to do the same. As an administrator she allowed me to flourish in my own little area and she truly created an efficient, warm, "team" atmosphere. I am grateful for knowing her and look fondly on the experience.”